Quinoa Time!

Raspberries are a treat!

Wanting to add some grains to your eating this week? Try this recipe for Lemon Raspberry Quinoa Breakfast Bars.

It's easy and delicious.

Wikipedia describes quinoa as an annual plant grown as a grain crop with edible seeds.

Quinoa is a good source for B vitamins. Since we’re home and sheltering it’s an easy ingredient to work with

Look for the recipe on It contains bananas which make them very moist and of course, quinoa. They are prepared as bars - good for taking in the car or having them with a cup of tea. Enjoy the tart, sweet taste of summer raspberries with the added benefits of quinoa.

Another recipe using quinoa is on the site called The recipe is called Basic Quinoa Flatbread. The directions are easy to follow and the bread was tasty.

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