3 Tips for Losing Weight

In the past week, two of my friends told me that they had trouble losing weight. "I know I should do certain things like exercise, but I don't." Sometimes we can feel discouraged when a goal seems to be overwhelming. We get discouraged.

But, what if I told you to take just small steps towards your goal? Would you take small steps to progress towards your healthy weight ?

Here are three tips for losing weight. The steps involve assessing where you are now and then proceeding forward. You'll need a notebook to keep track of your progress. Try these small actions for a month. Let me know you well you do.

#1 WALKING is the first step. Today when you are moving about, catching the bus or going to work, track your steps. It can be with a FitBit or other method.

At the end of the day, record your steps in a notebook. Did you walk 100 steps? 500 steps? 1,000 steps? Next to the notation for today write the date. To work on improving your walking never go less than the amount you record today. Starting tomorrow, increase the amount of steps you take. If today the steps were 1,000 steps, then tomorrow add ten more steps. Each day you walk add ten more steps, but don't go less than the previous days. Try it!

#2 Many weight loss programs suggest you eat more greens. That's good advice. An easy way to remember this is to eat a large SALAD once a day. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M. D.

came up with an easy way to remember this idea. Put a big sign on your fridge that says, "Have a salad for one meal a day for the rest of your life." Can you do this?

Use your notebook to record the time of day you eat your salad and the ingredients you use. Try some unusual ingredients like fennel, papaya or sprouts. I would suggest making your own salad dressings since many of those on store shelves contain high calorie ingredients. Go easy on the oil since 1Tablespoon of oil has 200 calories. Dr. Fuhrman's book called Eat To Live has some tasty salad dressings like Ginger Almond Dressing, Ten Thousand Island Dressing and Creamy Roasted Garlic Dressing. Look at pages 80 to 92 for recipes.

Eating a large salad will also make you feel full.

#3 Think about decreasing your SUGAR intake. Take out your notebook again and write down what you eat in a day. Are you one of the customers in Starbucks loading your coffee cup with 6 sugars? Do you eat candy bars when you're in a hurry?

Once you've written your foods down for 1 - 3 days, go back and see where you can cut back on some of the sugary foods. Can you cut the 6 sugars down to 5 and live with that for a week? Then try 4 sugars for a week. As you cut down on the sugar, add in some more vegetables to fill you up. Slowly take small steps to make a difference in your weight and your overall health.

If you have any questions for me, I'm glad to answer them. My email is If you would like support achieving your goals, I have Health Coaching programs for individuals and small groups.

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