Creativity, Here I Come!

Have you been feeling creative lately? You might enjoy a book called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. She believes we all have creative ideas inside us and we need to encourage them to emerge and blossom. Julia suggests two tools to encourage our creativity. One is Morning Pages and the other tool is the Artist's Date.

Morning Pages is basically a journal that one uses to write in daily. It should be three hand written pages (not on your phone) of whatever you're thinking about. It could be random thoughts or focused thoughts on one topic. Julia says, " Nothing is too petty, too silly, too stupid, or too weird to be included." That sounds pretty open to me.

I have used my Morning Pages to collect ideas for my health coaching business, to make plans for myself, to explore options for solving a problem or. sometimes, just doodling. The writing felt as if I were freeing myself from worrying or stressing out. I haven't written lately but I'm getting back to it today. I just have to follow Julia's suggestion of writing three pages today, three more tomorrow and so on.

This Morning Pages exercise is a private space for you to clear out "stuff" and to open yourself up to being more creative. The 5 or 10 minutes you spend writing almost feels like a form of meditation. In fact, the author describes it this way. "They (Morning Pages) are a valid form of meditation that gives us insight and helps to effect change in our lives." That's what feels good when you embrace this practice that is a way for the writer to move forward in the process of changing. Sound good? There's more.

The second tool that is recommended is called An Artist Date. You block out time during your week, say two hours, to explore and stimulate your creativity by going on a solo "field trip." You are the artist. You go alone and open up your mind to new ideas and thoughts. You have fun exploring, experiencing or just thinking in a peaceful place. The Artist's Way suggests "a long country walk, a solitary expedition to a beach for a sunrise or sunset, an outing to a church for gospel music, a visit to an ethnic neighborhood to taste foreign sights and sounds." Which one of these places would you choose or what would you suggest? Any ideas? Email and share what you've tried.

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